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Jess doesn’t have a lot of pictures of her face. Call it superstition.

Combining a background in marketing, social media strategy, and graphic design of all mediums with a variety of experience across the country, Jess contributes her UX Design skills to the ICS team. She values usability over aesthetics, but aims to create every final product to exude both functionality and artistry.

Beginning in Vancouver in 2013, she spent years in the real estate sector as a marketing professional at large commercial firms including Avison Young and NAI Commercial. In moving to the East Coast, Jess has been a part of several growing creative agencies, continuing to deliver full-service solutions to companies of all sizes. Jess prioritizes ideas and concepts. Every project is well thought out and intentional, down to the last detail.

After hours, Jess can be found balancing Jenga blocks and insisting it’s not cheating to hold the tower as it trembles.