Born in Saint John before being raised in Norton, New Brunswick, Kevin is a local to Southern New Brunswick as he attended high school at Sussex Regional High.

The best description of Kevin's working history would be a smorgasbord of experience. He has previously been an elementary school reading and math tutor, outdoor rink attendant, and worked with the Saint John Sea Dogs.

Kevin spent 7 years in the automotive industry wearing many hats: selling cars, marketing, ordering of new vehicles, handling internet leads, and supervising. Previous to that, Kevin spent 5 years working at a Dairy plant operating a 5 story dryer.

Kevin is a member of the Board of Directors with the Saint John Major U18 Vito's as Director of Marketing. When not at work or at a rink, he likes to be playing Catan, video games, hanging out with his cats Brother and Sister (yes, those are their names, they're siblings), or focusing on winning another Fantasy Football championship. Fun fact: he learned Excel to create his own fantasy football formula! 🏈