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Who is ICS?

We’re an agile team of well-rounded individuals that pride ourselves on getting along with each other and our clients. We prioritize building strong relationships with you, the client, to be able to understand each brand and growth strategy. We give you access to our whole team of creatives and pay attention to your needs as we help achieve your goals and projections.

ICS has become known as one of Atlantic Canada’s top creative digital marketing agencies. Located in the heart of Uptown Saint John, we serve clients in our backyard and around the globe.

we do everything digital.

Since 2009, we’ve been busy designing engaging digital campaigns, building user-friendly web experiences, creating striking videos to tell brand stories and making sure your pay-per-click budget pays for itself.

Don’t worry, we’re not a one-dimensional agency. We’ve spent years collaborating on print strategies and OOH marketing of all types.

we do everything digital.

all the services

We work with businesses trying to grow.

We have worked with every industry you can think of, which is how we have learned what works and why. Across every industry, our experience enables us to narrow your audience and create tailor-made campaigns to speak to those folks in a way that makes them want to listen.

We work with businesses trying to grow.

who we help

We work with a focus (on results).

Our bottom line is results. And if you’re not seeing them, we change the strategy. Need help gaining leads? We create processes that work to help your business develop and reach your goals.

We are responsive to each client’s unique needs and wishes, but not at the cost of abandoning key systems that we know lead to success.

We work with a focus (on results).

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How we

It all started on a back deck in the ‘burbs, with a maxed out $500 credit card and two university friends with a passion for building websites. We didn’t want to go back to our “real” jobs, so we kept building, and building…

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How it’s

Design has always been our backbone but we now offer services ranging from graphic design to video production, creative briefing, branding, photography, e-commerce solutions, social media marketing, content creation, search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click management.