Meet Zach, our junior designer and all-around nice guy. We call him Zeddy because, well, it just suits him. When he's not busy crafting eye-catching visuals for our clients, you can find him buried under a pile of giggling kids, enjoying some quality family time. Talk about a multitasker!

Zach's love for design goes beyond his work hours. He's a self-proclaimed logo design junkie, always staying up-to-date with the latest and greatest in the industry. And if you're wondering what his secret to success is, it might just be his ability to rewatch the first twelve seasons of The Simpsons without skipping a beat. Now that's dedication!

With over a decade of experience in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop, Zach is truly experienced in his craft. His passion for purposeful design has led him to collaborate with ACAP Saint John, UNESCO, Atlantic Water Network, and various other non-profits throughout Atlantic Canada.

So, if you need a stunning design that will make your competitors green with envy, Zach is your go-to guy. Just don't be surprised if he slips a Simpsons reference into your project. It's all part of Zeddy’s charm.