A long-time client of ours, Bio NB was starting a new organization called BioDesign. Their mission statement was to be able to start supporting highly innovative firms who will seize the opportunities of Canada’s bioeconomy. A brand was in place but we helped them with their digital strategy to make sure when they announced their release they were ready to be seen by Canadian leaders in biotechnology.


  • Custom Website Development
  • Multi-Language
  • On-Page SEO
  • Training Videos


BioDesign had to prepare for their organization announcement and weren't entirely sure what they needed with their custom website. We knew that having a French and English option was important as well as a media and news section.

Communication Made Perfect!

BioDesign came to us with a very tight timeline, we knew that communication was going to be very important to be able to reach their goal and align with their PR campaigns. We onboarded their team to Slack to remove any delays and were able to reach their deadline.