Case Study


Their Challenge

Splash Thai Cuisine initially came to us looking for an online ordering platform to work with a new website they had created from another agency. After having a bad experience we were asked to not only add in the online ordering platform but also redevelop and design a new website for them. Since doing this their online sales have increased and they are now collecting leads daily through a simple HubSpot integration. Looking for great Thai food? Look no further!

How We Helped

  • Custom Website Design
  • Online Ordering
  • App Creation
  • Email Marketing
  • HubSpot Integration
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Our Process

This was a bit of a unique situation but one we were glad to be in. In a case where we were originally only slated to do the restaurant online ordering, we were left biting our tongue on what we wanted to create for a new website for Splash. When we were given the option to create the new website we were thrilled to be able to tie in the online ordering system, reservation system and showcase the team and menu in a way we knew would generate new sales and opportunities.

Responsive Restaurant Website Design


Using our restaurant online ordering platform, Splash was able to generate an entirely new stream of revenue for the business. Their recurring customers are steadily on the incline and they now have people downloading the Apple and Android app to give people the option to order straight from their pocket. What a delicious combination!

Working with Zack and the ICS team was (and continues to be) an outstanding experience. We were exhaustively looking for a company to deliver a high end online ordering/ app/ website solution. A solution that would appeal to our customers and offer the flexibility to change and grow. ICS delivered tenfold! High quality work with a high level of creativity!

John Likourgiotis, Owner