Case Study

The Smart Energy Company

Their Challenge

The Smart Energy Company is a new and growing player in the renewable energy sector. With the launch of their NOREASTER® product we gave them an edge in the competition by creating a lead-focused website while highlighting the aspects of their product being built for a Canadian climate — including winter!

How We Helped

  • Custom Website Development
  • Graphic Design
  • On-Page SEO
  • Custom JotForm Application
  • HubSpot Integration
  • Secured Hosting
  • Logo sting animation

gaining leads

We built out a comprehensive form to allow users to build their solar package online and draw out their property on a Google Maps aerial, allowing the team at SolarFarming.ca to send out actual, on-property renderings of the proposed solar system. Taking things one step further we did a custom HubSpot integration so their sales team doesn't miss a beat!

demonstration of property line input system

Complementary Logo Design

We were proud of the team at The Smart Energy Company when they told us about their desire to avoid "brand soup": the creation of multiple brands and a complicated tree of branching businesses. We took their newly designed logo and used the elements to create a simple, effective wordmark to feature on the e-commerce website.

"The team at ICS was extremely supportive of our creative concepts, and did a fantastic job of telling our product’s story on an intuitive and easy-to-use digital platform."

— Mark McAloon - Chief Executive Officer