Case Study

Wyndham Careers

Our Task

Wyndham came to us in need of some excitement. We needed to generate awareness and enthusiasm for their available positions at Wyndham Worldwide's call centre in our own Saint John.

We've also planned for on-ground video content showing the beautiful environment that is Wyndham Saint John and the authentic faces of a viewer's prospective team.

What We Did

  • Social Media Management
  • Content & Channel-Specific Strategy
  • Graphic Design
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  • Custom Video Content
Wyndham Testimonial

Our Process

We started by taking a look at the pros. Both the professionals and the advantages of working at Wyndham. We did this by collecting personal stories and testimonials from employees and highlighting key perks on their Facebook page.

We wanted to keep the page feeling authentic, and we've been able to do this by using the words of actual folks, with plans to get on-ground with video content in the months to come.

We succeeded in getting Wyndham 762 job applicants in 9 months.

Wyndham Saint John headquarters

A culture of inclusivity

We've also made sure to stay up to date with holidays and occasions celebrating minorities and marginalized peoples. Everyone is welcome at Wyndham and it is our job to make that crystal clear.