Case Study

Veil Baseboard Covers

Our Task

Veil came to us with an initial e-commerce store set up on BigCommerce. They had a quality product in a niche market, but were not seeing the returns on their own site that they were on other websites selling their product.

Our task was to redesign the site in a concise, intuitive way, to allow home renovators to understand the product, its use, and how to order, along with providing helpful support both pre-purchase and post-purchase.

What We Did

  • Custom BigCommerce Development
  • On-Page SEO
  • Print Design
  • Digital Strategy
  • Pay-Per-Click Management
  • HubSpot Integration
  • Unific Integration

Our Process

The obvious move was to redesign the site. The ICS team created a completely renovated landing page and shopping interface. We re-organized the products, added clear navigation to the shopping pages, and displayed preliminary research information in an easy-to-digest layout.

The crux of the work was making sure the ordering process was as hassle-free as possible. We did this by creating a custom measurement slider, allowing the store to calculate the precise length and combination of product each shopper would need, without their having to research and understand every angle of the product.

The result? Sales.

2.5x ROI in 3 months.

Actual Results:
4x ROI in 3 months.


Pay Per Click Advertising Partner

The icing on this project's cake is the pay per click campaign. We've taken advantage of Black Friday, given installation hints and just straight up showed off good product photography. And it's working.

"I reached out to ICS with respect to a website overhaul and found them to be honest, forthright and attentive. We subsequently have engaged them to manage our online advertising as well as ongoing website improvements. Initial results have been positive both in terms of ROAS and positive engagement from the ICS team on our account. Previous agencies struggled to produce results and often blamed the website, budget or product. ICS embraced the product and took the time to understand our customer and how to potentially reach them more effectively. Looking forward to growing our business with ICS."

—Paul Monger, Owner & Founder, Veil