Case Study

Flewwelling Press

Our Task

Flewwelling Press has been a Saint John staple since 1877. They have a strong brand and a local presence, but came to us looking for a stronger online presence. We were able to deliver a full service printing website to compete with any large printing company available.

Taking the time to carefully catalogue Flewwelling's extensive services and make it easy for prospective customers to upload artwork and order marketing items, we were able to showcase the capability of this small local firecracker of a shop.

What We Did

  • Logo update & brand refresh
  • Responsive website design & development
  • ShopVox integration
  • On-page SEO
  • Content migration
Flewwelling_LaptopMock-1000px copy

Our Process

The first step was taking a look at the Flewwelling brand itself. There were elements we couldn't lose — the sophisticated and personalized feel.

We wanted to better represent the industry Flewwelling serves, and their logo became an homage to the printing process.

E-Commerce Solution

We all know ordering printed materials has become terrifically easy in the 21st century. We needed to match the ease of larger services while holding on to the personality of a Saint John gem.

With intuitive online ordering for both the user and the company, we did just that by integrating ShopVox directly into this custom build.

Flewwelling_iPad+iPhone_DoubleMock copy

"We recently had our website revamped and I was really impressed with the process from beginning to end.

I was also impressed with the results once the website was completed. We used to get 2-3 contact form submissions per month on our old website and now get 2-3 submissions per day with the new website.  The requests through the website are generally for larger orders than the previous website and customers follow through with the order more often. At the current rate of new business coming from our website, it will pay for itself in approximately 6 months.  This was a great investment and I'd recommend it to anyone with an older website.  Thanks ICS!"

— Corey Stewart, Vice President
Flewwelling Press