Case Study

Fundy Harbour Group

Our Task

Fundy Harbour Group came to us looking for a dynamic website that shows their large scope of services in the real estate sector. They didn't want to migrate to a separate website for each of their sister companies, so we needed to find a way to clearly route users to the information they are looking for.

Another ask in this situation was to integrate their property management software, Property Vista. Though the app itself was not optimized for web use, we were able to create an auto-updating system for single point of entry web updates for the FHG team.

What We Did

  • Custom Website Development
  • Graphic Design
  • On-Page SEO
  • Content Migration
  • Property Management Software Integration

Our Process

To ensure we produced an easily navigable website, we created a unique navigation tree on the homepage — giving users a quick overview of each service umbrella, with the opportunity to find more information. We also created an animated sidebar menu outlining each page for users that already know where they are going.

With CSS animation and colour accents, we like to think the FHG website is as concise as they needed it to be!

Mobile-Ready Listing Management

Our final step was to make sure everything looked good and worked well on every user's beloved pocket devices. Smart phone, tablet, whatever small screen you use to access Fundy Harbour's website, you'll find easy-to-find information at your fingertips.


"One of the aspects we enjoyed with ICS was that they take a team approach. We were not dealing strictly with one person, we were dealing with the entire team. It generated the opportunity to get ideas flowing and allowed our team to interact with all the employees at ICS and it was a great experience."

— Wallace Floyd, VP of Development,
Fundy Harbour Group